September 7, 2013

Why Reunions Are Important to Family

Gaskin Family Members at Reunion Banquet 1988
Gaskin Family Members at Reunion Banquet 1988
For me these are great times to reconnect with immediate and extended family.  The opportunity to honor our elderly living relatives and seek their history.  It creates tradition that our younger generation can learn how to continue it.  Think of all the family members we see in old reunion photos, who are now deceased.  Recall the laughter and joy they brought.  It is a time to also heal "old wounds"  and forgive each other as life is too short.  The relatives in the picture are all dec...


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Sheila Smith on June 15, 2016 6:42 PM
If  you RSVP  for the 2016 Gaskin Family Reunion you need to contact Tony and Sheila smith at 910-494-4695 or 910-261-2861  We do not have payments for you or Registration forms. Final count and money Must be sent to us by Friday June 17, 2016.


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